Shef is a game for 2 to 6 people, all Iranian designed by Amin Nasri and playing each hand takes about 30 to 45 minutes


My slaves are in the category of family games, and the gameplay of the game, in addition to the fact that you learn it very quickly, is smooth and not slow at all, which is also considered as a filler slave (slaves that are completely light and you can learn them quickly and play them altogether Enjoy because they have high gameplay speed ..)


The story of Chef’s game is that you are in the role of a few chefs, With each other

In a kitchen

Making the best food ,

Using the right raw materials,

Compete and anyone who can reach 100 coins sooner will win the game


During the game you can earn money in 3 different ways, the first thing is that you stay in the kitchen until the end of each day to compete for the best food and you should try to have the best raw materials (raw materials have 5 different qualities that with 5 Collect different colors) and get the money that others and yourself spend to buy goods, as a reward……

Apart from making the best food that can give you good money, you can compete for the best food and make customer orders and sell them to them (here, too, the quality of the raw materials in the money you end up making an impact Has ..)

The third way to earn money is that you can even be a supplier of a raw material in the restaurant and by selling 4 cards from that raw material, you can get 30 coins ..

Finally, it should be added that playing chef in your small periods can be a fun translation and ice breaker for you

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